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Loose Lumber (Wall Panel) Package

Here is what is included in the Loose Lumber (Wall Panel) Package

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  • Basement Framing per print

  • Crawl space framing/beams (per print).

  • Steel Beam Plate.

  • Sill plate treated if basement/crawl.

  • Sill sealer to match plate width.

  • Post and Columns.

  • Stairs and Landing material per print.

  • Sub-Flooring and adhesive.

  • Ribbon board (2×4) and Strong back (2×6) if plated floor trusses are used.

  • Single top plate for panelized walls.

  • Misc. stud material (25/1000 sq. ft.)

  • Temporary wall bracing (2×4)

  • Fixture blocking (2×6)

  • Tray Celing framing material (2×4)

  • Tub deck framing (2×4 and sheathing)

  • Drywall blocking (2×4 and/or 2×6)

  • Roof truss bracing (2×4)

  • Roof Sheathing and ply clips

  • Felt paper

  • Sub-Fascia and Gable End overhangs per print.

  • House wrap and tape

  • Hangers and hardware

  • Garage Walls and beams

  • Knee Walls

  • Porch framing

  • Fireplace Framing

  • Draft Stop for Floor Truss


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