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Estimating Software & Training

Estimating Training Resources

Software License Request

Here at 84 Lumber we have a company wide estimating software tool that is custom designed to meet our daily estimating needs.

Training Videos

Here you will find software training videos that cover all different aspects of the estimating software we have available to every employee.

Feature Request

Here you can request software features that you would like to see within the 84 Lumber Company Estimating Software. Just fill out the form to submit your request.

What We Offer

  • By Hand Estimating Training

  • Software Estimating Training

  • Onsite Training

  • Software Support

  • Client / Software Training

Training Resources

  • 3-Day Onsite Training

  • Online Web Based Training Sessions

  • Support Team

  • Online Software Training Videos

  • Custom Software Tools

  • Online Training Documentation

Estimating Software Tool

  • Faster More Accurate Estimates

  • Bid and Document Management Tool

  • Cut Cost Of Printing Blueprints

  • Improved Sales Collaboration

  • Professional Client Estimates

  • POS Import File

  • Secure Cloud Storage

  • Low Monthly Cost

Improved Client Estimates

As a team, we strive to help our fellow colleagues improve their estimating processes, by providing training and best practices for completing an estimate. 


Our Goal is to help assist you in providing the best, most accurate and professional estimates to your clients. 

Looking for more info?

Contact Us At: 

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